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[Pinned] Help for people who want to raid - The Raiders Inn

With PvP and WvW pretty pretty dead at the moment and the recent release of legendary armour I have a renewed interest in raiding.So I invested some time into my goal of making a set of legendary gear. I looked up the builds, fixed up my gear (mos...
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[Pinned] KT D&D Recap Thread

Chapter 1 - October 15, 2016Loren Michael, having finally cleared a highly technical area of dragon minions yet again, steps onto a platform to leave so he can go home. Something about the platform feels a bit off, but before he can jump off to f...
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[Pinned] Screen Shot of the Week

If you have a favorite ss, post or link it in this thread. New screen shots will be selected on Mondays.
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[Pinned] Guild Hall Forum Access - Please Read

Hey guys,If you are a ranking member of KT (Squire or Knight in-game) you should be able to see a forum section called "Guild Hall". If you cannot, please let me know ASAP so I can correct your permissions here on the site. There have been a few...
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[Pinned] GW2 Build Generator

My favorite place to go with up to date numbers!
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[Pinned] Useful tips
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[Pinned] Useful tips

Thought a thread with simple tips we have learned from playing the game in a long while might be helpful. Whenever new players come in, I find myself having a book of things I want to tell people. Let's see yours as well!CharacterAuto Attack - Y...
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[Pinned] Guild Mission Guides

As guild missions are going to be a focus for the guild for a while to come, let's have a place where we can post our strategy and how we have accomplished things. From what I have been hearing, it does take a good bit of coordination to complete...
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READ ME FIRST - KT Forum Posting Policies

[Pinned] Board-Wide Policies

Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning (see policing below).Members should post in a way that is respectful of...
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Welcome Hall

[Pinned] Welcome to the KT Fansite Forums!

Welcome to the Knights Templar Community! If you are new to the site, we are glad you have found your way here and we'd like to get to know you! Please take a little time and introduce yourself in this forum.
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Welcome Hall


Just passing by to say Hi.. im going to be the new guy in town... Old friend of Cristy...Aka C-Twisty Aka Killa C
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Guide to Crafting from 400-500 (Armorsmith/Leatherworker/Tailor)

I've made another guide for those of you interested in becoming Grandmaster Craftsman (as quickly as possible) in order to craft Ascended Armor. However, please note this guide reflects a few assumptions; specifically that you were already 400 pri...
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Welcome Hall


Hiya I'm new. I met a few of you guys on the FFXIV Cactuar Discord and have kind of stopped playing that game. I started playing Guild Wars 2 and really enjoy the game over all.Currently I have a Thief boosted to level 80 and a level 7 Necromancer...
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Raid Stuff

AlsoHey allI know there are some folks who want to raid, whether just to unlock more content or push themselves to the max with challenging content.I just want everyone here to know that I'm here and willing to help people learn the rotations and ...
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Welcome Hall

Hello from Sako!

Hi all,Sakorath here. While this is not the name of any of the characters I will probably be primarily playing it is my preferred fantasy name. Also, my guild wars 2 account name is (Sakorath.8910)I am a returning Guild Wars 2 player (played at la...
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Path of Fire Celebration Raffle!

I neglected to do this when Heart of Thorns launched but now I have a handful of things to do a big giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new expansion, Path of Fire!I'm going to manage the raffle like I did our 10th anniversary party raffle. I...
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KT Moving to Discord!

Time to saddle up our bags and switch on over to the latest and greatest communication service.The current KT Teamspeak Server will be shut down on Friday, September 15th.After the voting a couple months ago I started working on a server and I've ...
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Ele Builds for WvW

WvW Staff Ele Resources:Sea of Sorrows Guide - A really useful guide that is updated with each major balance patchMetabattle - A quick and easy consensus view on Staff ElePocket's pH Guide - A guide I used to maintain for pH (an SBI WvW guild)RAIN...
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Welcome Hall

Hello from Someone New

Hi! My name is Alcyius(she/her). I have played GW2 on and off since launch(it would've been from the pre-order head start, but my laptop had to go and die on me 2 days before it started). I've mostly played PvE in that time, though I've started ge...
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Google image someones GW2 name and post a picture!

Do a google image search using someones character name and pick an image on the first page of results. Attach the image to this thread with the character name! The image can be anything that shows up on the first page! I'll go first! :DCROWLMARCUS...
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Pax West trip planning

Hello! I've spoken to a few of you about planning out the Pax West trip. Mike (aka Violet) stated that we should focus on getting people out here and that me and him and the rest of us can work out the price of the tickets once we are all there. H...
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