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Thought a thread with simple tips we have learned from playing the game in a long while might be helpful. Whenever new players come in, I find myself having a book of things I want to tell people. Let's see yours as well!


Auto Attack - Your first skill is an auto attack. You do not need to hit it repeatedly; it also triggers the auto attack when using another one of your 1-5 skills against an enemy

General Options
Right click to interact - I always recommend to disable. When trying to pan camera and stuff, this thing always gets me retargeting and doing weird stuff. It took me a while to realize this was the cause of it as well.

Show Skill recharge - you can turn on skill recharge count times - helps for those long skill recharges that look recharged but still have a tiny sliver of time left

Camera Shake - you can disable, it makes your head stop spinning

Dodge roll double tab - you can also double take to dodge roll, which is useful for jumping puzzles (and binding it to a single hotkey is a bit better for character control anyway)

Graphic Options
Character Settings - You can adjust your character settings to reduce the number of characters models that appear on your screen, as well as the quality they appear in. The game seems to start these pretty high by default, and can cause pretty heavy lag in large fights.

Finding Information
Wiki in game - Type "/wiki x" in game to search the official wiki for whatever you would like. X should be replaced by what information you are looking for. Example: /wiki ranger
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