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#12821266 Oct 31, 2016 at 09:17 PM
KT Squire
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So i know i haven't been active much, but i wanted to stop in and let know how I'm doing

recently i have moved, i moved to another state, other than California. i moved to Tennessee at the start of Oct, and finally got internet about a week ago. Sence then i have a couple of interviews for a job, and finally got one. (yay me) Sadly tho, my job will not allow me to play during the days anymore, it mostly be nights. I work Night Shift atm, 5-7.

Why did i pick Tennessee you may ask, well i didn't. A few reason were why i went tho. I went because my dad recently underwent back surgery and he needed my help with heavy stuff. Seeing as how he can no longer lift anything more then 10 pounds and bend over without hurting back. I also went due to the fast i could not get a job at all in California. Tried for years, more then 5. Always got calls for a interview, just never got a "your hired" or "when can you do orientation". Lastly, i needed to get out of California, few personal reasons and i could not deal with the heat any more, way to hot in the summers and could not deal with the no rain for a long. ( i lived in the desert where there was hardly any rain)

Sadly tho, there are few things I wish would have happened and didn't happen on the way here. First, before we were going to come out here, my older brother was going drive the third car we had down here but he jump ship a few nights before we got the new we got the house we are in now. We had some problems getting down here, My dad in the moving truck got into an accident. Don't worry he is fine and so is the other driver. He went to try and make a left u-turn and a car tried to pass him and instead of going to the right around him, they went left into his turn and totaled their car under the trucks rear tires. Lucky there was not a passenger or they would have been done for. The truck was fine, few scratched here and there, and small not huge chunks out of the tires.

Just 1 thing left. The most important one of all. I sadly had to leave my Girlfriend I'm sorry fiance, behind for a few reasons. Oh yeah, before i left i got engaged to a beautiful woman we been together for 2+ years now. Anyway, I had to leave her behind because she could not come with it. Why you make ask, well my mother and fiance don't see eye to eye at all and had a huge fight before we left, and she was planned to come with us, But because of this plans changed and she could not come with. Don't worry she is stay with one of her female friends until i get the money to get her to me. I have a plan, and so far my plan is working. Plan: step 1- establish job (check) step 2 establish my own living space away from parents ( ) step 3 save money for fiance to join to ( ). And before you start, yes i have already worked at how much i need and how much time it will take for all of this.

I'm excited about my job, can't wait to start actually working. =) Can't wait to have my fiance with me again, and hopefully when i get the money to afford it i will get HoT and you will all see me around more often, or if your a night owl on my nights off. Hope you all haven't had to much troubles without me, miss you all. Tell me How have you all been??

Your Crazy ass Necro
#12833026 Nov 05, 2016 at 09:40 PM
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Cool deal.
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