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KT Squire
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I wanted to share some of the code templates I have been able to discover/research

You add these by going to the "Collection" page the three dot list icon.

By adding a Macro you can name it, and then add coding under the Actions section.

Guiding Bolt spell - is an attack roll.
Copy and paste this directly into the field. You can adjust the name by changing GUIDING BOLT. The attack section is coded to use a d20+malachi's proficiency bonus + malachi's Charisma mod value. This allows the macro to respond to any changes in the characters stats so you dont have to change it later. The notes section will provide some details into the chat log. and the damage section dictates what damage to roll and you can add the type as text after the ]]

&{template:default} {{name=Guiding Bolt}} {{attack=[[1d20+@{Malachi|pb} +@{Malachi|Charisma_mod}]]}} {{note= Next attack vs target has advantage}} {{Damage= [[4d6]] Radiantl}}

An example of a saving throw macro

&{template:default} {{name=Toll the Dead}} {{Saving Throw= @{Malachi|spell_save_DC} vs Will}} {{Damage=[[1d8]] or [[1d12]] if hurt}} {{note= Necrotic}}

Melee Attack
&{template:default} {{name=Quarterstaff}} {{attack=[[1d20+@{Malachi|pb} +@{Malachi|Strength_mod}]] to hit}} {{Damage=[[[[1d6]]+@{Malachi|Strength_mod}]] Bludgeoning}}
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