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[Pinned] Screen Shot of the Week

If you have a favorite ss, post or link it in this thread. New screen shots will be selected on Mondays.
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[Pinned] Guild Hall Forum Access - Please Read

Hey guys,If you are a ranking member of KT (Squire or Knight in-game) you should be able to see a forum section called "Guild Hall". If you cannot, please let me know ASAP so I can correct your permissions here on the site. There have been a few...
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[Pinned] Useful tips
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[Pinned] Useful tips

Thought a thread with simple tips we have learned from playing the game in a long while might be helpful. Whenever new players come in, I find myself having a book of things I want to tell people. Let's see yours as well!CharacterAuto Attack - Y...
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Path of Fire Celebration Raffle!

I neglected to do this when Heart of Thorns launched but now I have a handful of things to do a big giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new expansion, Path of Fire!I'm going to manage the raffle like I did our 10th anniversary party raffle. I...
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KT Moving to Discord!

Time to saddle up our bags and switch on over to the latest and greatest communication service.The current KT Teamspeak Server will be shut down on Friday, September 15th.After the voting a couple months ago I started working on a server and I've ...
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Google image someones GW2 name and post a picture!

Do a google image search using someones character name and pick an image on the first page of results. Attach the image to this thread with the character name! The image can be anything that shows up on the first page! I'll go first! :DCROWLMARCUS...
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Pax West trip planning

Hello! I've spoken to a few of you about planning out the Pax West trip. Mike (aka Violet) stated that we should focus on getting people out here and that me and him and the rest of us can work out the price of the tickets once we are all there. H...
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Guild Minecraft server!

Heya Knights, I've been toying around with the idea of hosting a Minecraft server for our members and friends to play around on. I've looked at server hosting and it's pretty fordable but I just wanted to get a show of hands for people who are int...
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KT ReKT list

☐ Not REKT☑ REKT☑ Really Rekt☑ REKTangle☑ SHREKT☑ REKT-it Ralph☑ Total REKTall☑ The Lord of the REKT☑ The Usual SusREKTs☑ North by NorthREKT☑ REKT to the Future☑ Once Upon a Time in the REKT☑ Full mast erektion☑ Rektum☑ Resurrekt☑ CorRekt☑ Indirek...
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Celebratory Dye Pack Guide

Since the Wiki's page on the Celebratory Dye Pack is annoying if you want to preview a bunch of dyes, I decided to go ahead and make a post that shows all of your options with codes and the basic dye colors so you can find what you want quickly an...
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FotoSketcher and Guild Wars 2 screen challenge!

Saw this neat program that players were using in another game to make water color paintings and neat ink drawings of in game pictures. It's free to download and super easy to use. didn't really spend too much time get...
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Little break from GW2

Hey Knights!Gonna be taking a little break from GW2 for the summer. I've been playing a lot of ARK with some KT members and Overwatch as well! With summer rolling around I plan on doing some sailing and enjoying Friday nights with friends and fami...
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Guild Wars 1 (yes one) group

Hello,As discussed during missions, is anyone interested in run through GW1 to help those poor souls who have never played it (like me)? I am thinking about a few hours once a month mostly focusing on story line, hero's hall achievements, and anyt...
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April 2016 Updates - Lots of good but the end of necro chill damage =(

Patch NotesI was really excited about everything in the notes, it all sounds great to me. Improvements to stability, reductions of the "baby gates", some cool reward stuff for WvW. The only thing I read that made me upset was the changes to necrom...
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Make your character in Chibi maker!

I actually stumbled across this while looking of races in an epic fantasy book I'm reading. Someone had created the human races using this program and I though it was pretty cool. Click the link: and create your character! S...
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On vacation, 23rd to the 3rd

Going away on a family vacation to St John's for 8 days. I'll have my lap top so I'll probably check in on the forums and maybe I'll upload some pictures. Cya all on the flip side!
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Balance Changes

Just in case anyone missed it, Anet put up a quick high-level overview of a few things they want to do in regards to balance changes in Q1 2016:Article and reddit thread discussing the articleThere's not too much there (although I'm hopeful for th...
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Retirement + TS Address

So, because I'm finally retiring my position on the SBI staff, I am moving the server for our Teamspeak to a new account. Unfortunately, even though I'm moving our server to a different account, our service will not let us keep our IP address.SOW...
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Char Collage

I don't posted on the forums that much but I had to share this. I've seen other people on the GW2 forums make collage's of all their chars and thought it was pretty cool, so I had to give it a shot. I am by no means a pro with photoshop but happ...
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Bad Problem

Everytime try to log into my account recently I am either Locked out or something has happened to it, its starting to get annoying, can any1 tell me if my account is still there??It is saying invalid Account ATM
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