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The Juggernaut

I have decided to finally pursue a legendary weapon after years of saying I would/could never afford it. I was stoked about the crafted precursor helping to bring down the cost until I finally found a solid accounting of what it takes to get that ...
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Trying to craft ascended stuff. Help!

With the raid now being out, I've finally got the motivation to try to get ascended armor and weapons; however, even crafting one of said items looks insurmountable. I've never figured out how earth people got enough gold to craft all that let alo...
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So today i decided to use some of my money (more like all of it 80g) to help make Zap for my legendary... it was going ok until.... i made a horrible mistake and crafting the wrong things with all my materials... i made all Masterwork items and no...
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My guide from the SBI Forums (Consumables, Foods, Sigils, and Runes)

This section of the forums clearly needs more love. Puggle love. I shall give it such!But yea, here's the guide from the SBI forums I made, I'll probably be making updates to it whenever I try out something new crafting or build wise (Eventually I...
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New Patch. New Flube.

So I haven’t really thought about builds for a while now but the new Tangled Paths patch introduced a few new utility buffs which got me thinking again:Bountiful Tuning Crystal - Boon Duration Increased by 10%, +100 Condition DamageFurious Tuning ...
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Loaf of Candy Cactus and Plate of Roasted Cactus

The release of season 2 has brought with it new food recipes and a couple have caught my eye.The first one is Loaf of Candy Cactus CornbreadThis food is amazing for Eles looking to get back to the boon duration builds. Here is what I'm thinking of...
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Guide to Crafting from 400-500 (Armorsmith/Leatherworker/Tailor)

I've made another guide for those of you interested in becoming Grandmaster Craftsman (as quickly as possible) in order to craft Ascended Armor. However, please note this guide reflects a few assumptions; specifically that you were already 400 pri...
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Dynamic asset worth or price checking with GW2Spidy and Google spreadsheets

I am sure there are better tools out there for this kind of thing but I have always used Google spreadsheets and the GW2Spidy API to dynamically keep track of the size of my assets in my bank as well as tracking of items I am crafting (legendaries...
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Guide to Crafting from 400-500 (Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith)

I've made a guide of sorts for those of you interested in becoming Grandmaster Craftsman (as quickly as possible) in order to craft Ascended Weapons. However, please note this guide reflects a few assumptions; specifically that you were already 40...
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Legendary Crafting Resources

This was brought up in the meeting, so I thought I'd share a few of the resources I've come across for tracking your legendary. (I have not used any of these since I have not decided on a legendary.)These sites seem to use a login and you put in ...
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Item requests

Are there any members willing to build stuff to demand for the right price? Having trouble finding some stuff on TP.
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Chef Guide (and other crafting guides)

Chef guideGood guide for cooking.This site has good guides for other crafting professions too.
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WvW Food buff known as feast of truffle steak dinner.

As most of you are aware i can now make the feast food buff for wvw, thank you San for the donation towards the recipe. A feast of which Grundlebad was putting down at the cost of his own expense i can now make these. I have so far made 40 feasts ...
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Guild Crafting

Hi everyone!I was wondering which forum members were planning on developing their crafting skills? This is an aspect of GW2 i'm really interested in and will be working on all the various disciplines - pretty much right from the start.Any suggesti...
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10/19/12 Cursed Shore Orichalcum Locations (Updated)

I will not promise I will do this everytime they change locations, but here are the current Ori nodes in Cursed Shore. Working on Malchor's Leap and will post it later today.Red Dots are Ori, the two green dots are omnomberries
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Farming Locations for Crafting Materials
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Legendary Weapons

So I've been checking up on Legendary Items here: WikiSo in order to craft a Legendary weapon you will need to have two crafting disciplines maxed and of course if you want to make multiple weapons you will need more than two maxed crafting discip...
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Specialized Guild Crafters

I just wanted to know if we had assigned guild crafters, best guild do this to max a few people for crafting to get better gear for the entire guild.I am willing to throw them my crafting materials.If not I am looking for individuals that i can th...
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Boxes, Satchels, Trays

Pretty cool stuff
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The "Leather Cave"

I had griped about having to salvage nearly all my leather to work on my skill, but I just found this forum. If anyone wants to have a look before I get a chance, have at it. Otherwise, I'll post my findings when I try it tomorrow.Your text to l...
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