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Welcome Hall

[Pinned] Welcome to the KT Fansite Forums!

Welcome to the Knights Templar Community! If you are new to the site, we are glad you have found your way here and we'd like to get to know you! Please take a little time and introduce yourself in this forum.
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Welcome Hall

I seem to have misplaced my hello.

So I actually wound up here through FFXIV and joined the GW2 guild only recently so I figured I may as well say hi. Expect me to lurk, I'm bad about posting on forums.
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Welcome Hall

Hey. o/

Loren told me to post here about joining. I've been playing Atlas Reactor with her, Sakeel and Canis. Wat do?
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Welcome Hall

Hello KT long time no see

Hello KT, I was just wonder how many of the Guild Wars 1 players are active here now and are in GW2?
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Welcome Hall


Hi. My name is Alena (Uh-Lay-Nuh, because half of you will pronounce it wrong). But just call me Teddy I guess? I'm lazy so that's what all of my characters have in their name.Uh.I quit playing GW2 for like, two years, then came back a few weeks a...
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Welcome Hall


Hi, My name is Dworkin, and I found your website on the stormbluff isle website. I am currently looking for a guild, and after considering several guilds on the SBI website, I decided to apply here first. I have been playing GW since GW1 beta, and...
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Welcome Hall

A VERY late Hello!

/sweatsHello!! I've been in the guild in game for a few weeks now thanks to Ath, but I've been so in and out irl that I didn't sit down and make an account here. I'm so sorry for that! I'm amped up enough and eager to get to know anyone here \o/ I...
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Welcome Hall


just wanted to say it was nice to meet random players and have such a good time.. ty for the invite. :)
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Welcome Hall

Arricson Krei

Hello all!My real name is Kyle, but my display name is Arricson Krei and my current mains include: Chummy Kipp and Garren Lagarce. That's a lot of names! So to make it easy, I'll go by Arric or Arri.I'm 20, from California, college student, avid g...
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Welcome Hall


Hi all,I just recently started playing again and am really enjoying myself. I'm glad to have found a new guild to call home. I look forward to seeing what adventures await. Thanks for your hospitality so far!
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Welcome Hall

New Newbie

Hello friends!I am new to the hi hi, nice to meet you when I meet you XD.
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Welcome Hall

Good Day! - An Introduction

Hi! I am absolutely brand new! I play a L.A.R.P. with Kit and when mentioning my desire to try an MMO she informed me that GW2 was fun and that KT was the place to be. I've never really played an MMO before so I'm still trying to get the rotation ...
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Welcome Hall


Old Time PIE member here. GvG'd many times with KT in GW1 we loved having you in our alliance. Thanks for the KT invite so long ago. 8)AKA Feyd RauthaMoldy PumpkinBurnt PecanRotten Beef
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Welcome Hall

Herro. I am new.

I was told to come say hi. Just got the game 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to coordinating with folks.
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Welcome Hall

There are Bears Everywhere (intro post)

Hey everyone! After a few weeks I've finally got around to signing up for the website, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone around here on top of in game. For a little background, I've done a lot of PvE content (mostly human and on mains, be...
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Welcome Hall

Just Another Boring Intro

Howdy! Those of you staring at the name and trying to figure out who the hell it is, fret not! I'm about to tell you! Or I might just keep you all in the dark... It has its temptations, but I suppose I'll do it for both our sake. The username...
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Welcome Hall


Hi KT, this is Fever and I main a reaper. After RHOG crashed, I hopped from guild to guild trying to find a wvw oriented guild. I found RAGE and unfortunately, they have decided to transfer back to FA; while I have decided to stay here on SBI. I l...
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Welcome Hall

Hey :)

Hey everyone, my name is Phesi in game but you can call me Ronan if you'd like. I've played tons of different MMORPG's over the course of 10 years and lots of other different genres. I played guild wars 2 on release for about a year and a half bef...
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Welcome Hall

Hi everyone

Hi everyone! I'm former MAD member who lost interest for a while and have now come back. One of the main reasons why I stopped playing before was that I was mostly playing solo. Hopefully that will change now :)As for a bit about me, I go by "Rol"...
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Welcome Hall

Thanks for letting me join

Hi KT. My name is Skigh (pronounced Sky if that isn't apparent). I have some friends to got me invited into the guild. They said this is a good crowd so I look forward to making some more friends. I have been playing GW2 since launch. Played GW1 f...
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