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[Pinned] KT D&D Recap Thread

Chapter 1 - October 15, 2016Loren Michael, having finally cleared a highly technical area of dragon minions yet again, steps onto a platform to leave so he can go home. Something about the platform feels a bit off, but before he can jump off to f...
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Here more info on the gamerelease is end of 2016Crowfall - In Depth Overview ...Crowfall is a new type of online experience. We call it a Throne War Simulator, and it's a mix of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) and a large...
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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Some people might remember me complaining bitterly from the beta days, back when this game was both a sub fee and rather expensive and despite my love of Elder Scrolls... didn't provide enough to be worth that. But I was convinced recently to try ...
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KT Tabletop Roleplaying Night?

So, after some quick discussion in the shout box, I was just wondering how many people would be interested in trying something like this. Thinking once a month on a saturday (similar to movie night), to allow for the design of the stories to be pl...
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Twitch Banner Themes!

Here's a link to some free Twitch panel banners for all of you to jazz up your Twitch page!Here you can make your own panels!I'd like to get a handful of us to start streaming a little more regularly, and have each other listed as automatic hosts ...
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Atlas Reactor - Lots of fun, FREE, ~4GB

Vidar has found a pretty great turn based game on Steam called Atlas Reactor that... honestly, has just been so much fun to play.Right now I don't think I can explain the game too much, except to say that the game is totally free to play and it's...
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Yo, I don't remember who else said they were gonna be playing this but I could use some help with stuff. I bought this cause I thought a bunch of people were gonna be playing it.So... come play, people who were gonna play! 😋
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Pathfinder World and Character Errata

So, for those that are playing (and anyone interested in reading), this thread is going to be specifically for In character or world info stuff, to be done up in a narrative fashion. This will also serve as a recap for what happened during the pre...
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So i know i haven't been active much, but i wanted to stop in and let know how I'm doingrecently i have moved, i moved to another state, other than California. i moved to Tennessee at the start of Oct, and finally got internet about a week ago. Se...
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Open Broadcaster Software Studio Tutorial

Hey folks, it's been a while since I streamed and today I spent some time getting my settings up and running for the new OBS Studio program. I found an amazingly easy to understand and very in depth guide that I wanted to link!
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Final Fantasy XIV

I couldn't find a thread on the game, so I'm starting one. :p Since some of you have gotten me into this...My archer is ready for her next story dungeon, Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. I'd rather not pug, so if some of you are around later tonight....
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Didn't realize we didn't have a thread for ARK, even though its a game we go back to every once in a while to chill out.So, here's a place where we can post screenshots from in game and share dumb stories...Like the time that I built a greenhouse ...
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What Tabletop RPG should we try playing?

So, I have a decent amount of free time available over the next little while, so here are the suggestions that I think would work best for our group. I've attached links for the best description pages of the following games for people to make thei...
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Fires up North

So, some of you may know, or may not (I know the new has spread to british newspapers at least) that we have a raging fire up about 5 hours north of me. Now, I'm of course in no danger, but a smaller city of which I have family has been completely...
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Let's try Battleborn!

Battleborn is free to try this weekend, it's in an open beta stage till the 19th on Steam! The humor is great, it's right up there with Borderlands, (it's made by the same developers) and I found myself laughing a few times because the dialogue is...
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selling my Archeage account

i have a very old archeum account i barely played past alpha and beta, it has a lvl 40 Paladin on one of the NA servers. i havent logged in to it in so long i forgot which one. it has 10,650 credits available (enough to buy 4 months of Patron stat...
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Black Desert

So this is the next big MMORPG coming out, well more like western release in late 2015 from what I heard.Earlier this year there was lots of talk about this game and its amazing customization possibilities in the character creation. Here's the lin...
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