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Let's try Battleborn!

Battleborn is free to try this weekend, it's in an open beta stage till the 19th on Steam! The humor is great, it's right up there with Borderlands, (it's made by the same developers) and I found myself laughing a few times because the dialogue is...
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selling my Archeage account

i have a very old archeum account i barely played past alpha and beta, it has a lvl 40 Paladin on one of the NA servers. i havent logged in to it in so long i forgot which one. it has 10,650 credits available (enough to buy 4 months of Patron stat...
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Black Desert

So this is the next big MMORPG coming out, well more like western release in late 2015 from what I heard.Earlier this year there was lots of talk about this game and its amazing customization possibilities in the character creation. Here's the lin...
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Gamer Profiles - Survey by ArtCraft

So, many of you know that I've been pretty excited about Crowfall coming out next year. (If you didn't, now you do!) I get their mailing list, and recently received one that I found particularly interesting.ArtCraft, the new gaming company that ...
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Hi guys =(

Hey guys i wanted to take a moment and let you know where i have been and how im doingI have been around busy with job,school and life. i think about you guys all the time. been thinking about moving (maybe, probably moving) to texas with some fri...
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North Dakota

Not sure if any of you watch John Oliver but his show is kind of like John Stewarts. I found this video about the state I live in. I found it to be pretty spot. Later on shit gets serious, but yet still funny. If you want a little insigh on the st...
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What kind of gamer are you?

Here's a fun little test. I'm "Relaxed, Gregarious, Deeply Immersed, and Expressive"How about you?
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So, Wildstar release is upon us. I know a couple of us have dabbled in it a bit, and I have a pre-order in to play it in my "spare time" (HAH).Anyway, I'll be playing a bit with some other friends who are jumping in, we'll be on the Cassus realm.
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Pictures from the Renaissance Festival!

It was such a great time! ^_^Here's the gallery of pics -
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Smash Bros Wii U

Did anyone else catch the Nintendo direct smash bros yesterday? I am very much looking forward to this as an avid smash bros fan - a very fun party game. Sadly as much as I see a hype for the game, I do realize that Wii U is not a very popular c...
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Stormbluff Isle invades GTA5!

Hey folks. We just created a crew for Grand Theft Auto 5, called Stormbluff Syndicate. If you play GTA5 and want to join please let us know! :)It's a thug life.
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Don't Starve Together

Two questions here:1) Do you people have a group for this game, and2) Does anyone want a copy of my early access copy I got during the steam sale? (Though I hold no guarantees of what will happen to it once the game is released)
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I pre-orderd my copy of GTA 5 for PC today. Release is April 14th, COUPLE WEEKS LEFT. If you were planning on pre-ordering today is the last day to get 300,000 extra in pre-order cash. Says here.Anyone else planning on playing?! There are a few pe...
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Splinters - A working title by me :)

So, as some of you may or may not know, I have been working on a game since last June, and it is finally reaching a level that I can start passing it out for people to properly test, for chapter 1 anyways. Its an old school feeling JRPG, with elem...
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The Elder Scrolls Online

I know this may perhaps fall on deft ears, but nonetheless, here I go.I've started playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) since it's about to go buy-2-play / free-2-play, much like GW2 and SWTOR. There is a "plus" account that you can pay for per mon...
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Dragon Age, a short guide for new players.

Since Dragon Age: Inquisition is right around the corner I wanted to share a great link I found on some of the lore behind the Dragon Age games.I know a few people stated that they had not played the previous games, and I found this article helpfu...
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Happy Birthday MOO!!

This goes out to my other foreigner best bud. Hope your day is filled with birthday balloons, cupcakes, and confetti. Or just a full days rest...Miss you!
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Twitch Streams

Okay, so I setup my Twitch stream and tested it tonight with a little Elite: Dangerous. I'll be streaming from time to time here: else have streams that they want to share, I'll put you on my watch list :)
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Guild Wars 2 Tumblrs!

I know it's kinda silly and oh my gosh tumblr drama! But I was curious to see who had GW2-themed tumblrs!Mine is ohpollenpowder.List yours and maybe make some friends?
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Elite: Dangerous

I've been in the beta for a couple weeks now, and still haven't gotten past the tutorial missions. Because, after all, Docking is Difficult. Also, because I started on mouse and keyboard, then got a joystick, and then discovered that it wasn't p...
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