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This MMO look very interesting the graphic look amazing The game going to be in alpha soon in AmericaIts out in Korea and Russia (maybe beta)The combat is not game breaking but looks funLook like a roleplayers fantasy come true.Below are a couple ...
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I decided to download and try out Warframe, on Steam. Anyone like to join me?It's F2P. I think there's a microtransaction store thingamajig, but I haven't discovered it yet. The general premise is you're a member of an elite space ninja race, c...
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Anyone going to be plaing Destiny on PS3 or PS4? I was thinking about creating a group/clan for KT. The name "Knights Templar" is already taken, but was thinking could make it "The Knights Templar" or something similar.
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Off the radar this week

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Phoenix to be with family for a week. My father passed away very unexpectedly. I'll be back next Sunday, but I don't know if I'll feel like playing. I may or may not play today at all with GW1 stuff or the guild mission...
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I had tickets

I had tickets for nov. 14th, chicago theater to see joan rivers, and now she is dead. Now I am upset. That is all.
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Differences in Pronunciation

I remember a short discussion we had in Baltimore about Soda/Pop/Coke. With my interest in geography and maps n shit I found this post intriguing, had to share.Differences in Pronunciation
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Otakon picture thread!

Let it begin!!!
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Hut BALL!!???!!

So recently one of my buddies keeps yabbering on and on about Star Wars:TOR. So it has been giving me the urge to play some Hut ball. I haven't played SWTOR in many many many many months. It's now Free to play until you want to advance your gear a...
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because a lot of us have it and playing games together is fun! :D why not add each other?Mine's samsamsammich, because I'm predictable! :D
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Bye Bye Guild Wars 2

Hey guys, guess it may be kind of weird that I couldn't say good bye in game, but I've decided to quit guild wars 2 for an indefinite amount of time. I don't have any plans of returning to the game, but maybe I will once I change some things aroun...
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Interest in Battlefield 4?

I'm looking to see who's interested in Battlefield 4 and if anyone wanted to start up a little KT division? Nothing serious, just for fun outside of GW2.
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Hi folks

I been getting older and playing less lately. World of tanks and now Everquest Landmark beta. I have a founders pack with 1 unlimited beta key left for someone who would like it.
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TESO or Wildstar?

I really don't feel like spending money on both as I will likely only focus on one anyway. If you had to chose 1 which would you buy?
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Since a bunch of people are interested in this game and there is a possibility that a bunch of us will end up buying it, this may be of interest! All the maps leaked.... get your strategizzle on! :DLinkAirbaseAngel CityBoneyardColonyCorporateDemen...
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Because sleepiness makes the head do funny things...

So, I was sleepily perusing a skill up date when I saw what I thought was Catnip Mastery. It was actually Cantrip, but that would be a funny trait. Increase chance to daze a Charr. :D
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New Addition

I haven't been on much (although I am seriously jones-ing even for some PVP) - due to a wonderful addition.: My daughter Grace:(sorry for the Giant pic - not sure how to re-size here) Needless to say there have been MANY sleepless nights - so unti...
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