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In the effort to have other fun things to do together and avoid burnout on GW2, etc., a bunch of us have accounts on Tera (mostly Ascension Valley server) and have been playing there. 6 of us I think so far? And I wanted to ping the forums in case...
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KT Acronym Contest

Ok guys,I'm hosting a contest to come up with the most clever written acronym for SRS BSNS.Rules: Must be GW2 themed. Make me laugh. :D Doesn't have to be one word for each letter, you can write a poem using the letters for the beginning of each ...
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Best GW2 Livestream Ever

In today's livestream from GW2 there were many many many bad jokes told... and a couple times Rubi made a point to throw paper at the devs who were on camera. Fun times at ANet... So I made this and tweeted it to GW2 and Rubi, just wanted to share.
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LED Baby

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BF4 (and BF3)

Some videos coming from E3 for BF4 - pretty amazing looking(love the tablet bit)It has me excited. I think I'll try to hit up BF3 a bit more in my downtime from gw here and there, so if anyone wants to play (Moo Moo & Todd, that means you!), ...
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The resolution is insane

This new graphics engine is amazing, I can't even see the polygons. everyone is having fun in GW2, although the current WvW score suggests it might be a little....boring.Cav
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Diablo 3

Since the D3 threads are archived I guess I'll put this here. So, this is being released onto x360 and I was considering playing it. Although, being the completion freak that I am, once I start it I need to get all the achievements in it. It appea...
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Marvel Heroes

Been playing this game a bit. I really like it. I have seen Damarus and Smelly around. I would love to get some more friends on my list and maybe start a "super group".For those that aren't aware of the game it's a F2P MMORPG, a "diablo clone". a ...
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The Road to 1000 Posts

I am approaching my thousandth post on the website! I was thinking back through the road so far. I remember starting this site very early, I think after talking to Shawn or a couple people about getting KT back (and re-imaging our site) for GW2....
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AD Teasers

Cropped up on AD's facebook. Super funny. My favorite is Lucile's teaser. What's yours?
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Android and Steam Console

Talks been coming up for a few weeks now, but a new article about Valve getting in this little operation to bring about some new consoles...
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Walking Dead meets Toy Story

Saw this today, and it made me smile
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Mods asleep; post cats
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For Capto B Vious! totally think of this anytime anyone says Rick on Mumble...=D
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Meet the player behind the character! Contest Pato

That´s right! Today I was bored as hell at work and I came with this idea: Each week, we are going to post the picture that a member sends to me, with some fun facts about him/her as hints! The rest of us have to guess who is the player we´re pres...
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Do you look at the Journals? (poll)

Hey Folks,In an effort to understand if our work to putting journal posts together is useful, and how we can make them more useful, please answer the poll. Open to non-KT members as well :)Background info:While all our journals (basically our site...
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'Mid-Core' article on Gamasutra

My GamaDaily had a nice article in it today: specifically like the definitions the gentlemen points out:(1) Hardcore arranges their schedules around ...
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Mentioned this free-to-play mech combat game in Mumble and Harlotquinn (I think), was interested in checking it out. I've played a couple matches, and its really fun. For free, it looks and plays amazing. I'm anxious to get further along in it ...
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