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Technical Support

TeamSpeak DNS

Took it upon my self to create a DNS for KT's TeamSpeak. It is "" instead of the long-winded IP address that can be hard to remember, especially if it changes.
Small Yoko 4y
Yoko03068Small Yoko 4y
Technical Support

For Nvidia users...

If you use an Nvidia graphics card you should try the newest Beta drivers from Nvidia found here.Compatible with GeForce 6 Series -> GeForce 600 Series.They gave me an extra 10 average FPS with my old 8800 GTS 512 card in PvE areas.Others in th...
Small Pibbz 6y
Pibbz12616Small Pibbz 6y
Technical Support

Reduce game network latency

I found this yesterday. It involves disabling Nagle’s algorithm, also commonly known as TCP no delay, which is basically an optimization of network traffic that tries to reduce overall packet volume but can cause extra latency in the connection. I...
Small Dumbfinger 6y
Dumbfinger1010051Small Pibbz 6y
Technical Support

Quick "How-to": Record voiceovers with FRAPS

Here's a link to a @3 minute video I made about how to record a voice-over in FRAPS while shooting a movie. Good for narration, etc. Hope it helps anyone who needs it!
Small bigweasel (Rufus) 6y
bigweasel (Rufus)22999Small Guardian 6y
Technical Support

What rig are you running for GW2?

I thought it would be nice to get an idea of what everyone's computer specs are and what they're experiences have been like for the game? So what rig are you running?
Small Pibbz 6y
Pibbz1720364Small Zag 6y
Technical Support

Signature links?

Looking for a new signiture.
Small Ernie 6y
Ernie33850Small Ernie 6y
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