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KT WvW reunion and fun night!!!

Hey Knights!In an attempt to get our guild members more active in WvW for the rewards update I was hoping to run a WvW night with our krew. I'm thinking Friday night, June 9th, for reset. I want to keep it casual and fun, so maybe we can get some ...
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RIP JF, SBI Defender

Hey folks,Not sure how many of the WvW crew still checks in here, but I wanted to let you guys and the rest of the guild know that JF from Amazon Basin passed away back on February 1st.Ceolstan (one of AB's leaders) posted the following on the SBI...
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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Commanders

In 1989, Stephen Covey wrote a book called Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The author’s goal was to use universal and timeless principles of morality and ethics to illustrate how people can become more successful leaders. It’s a short rea...
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My new WvW Guild

Hey KT,I have decided to create a new SBI WvW guild named Make It [RAIN] with some friends. I am the guild leader. The guild is made up of players who have stayed on SBI after their guilds or friends have decided to move on, it's for people who en...
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Make it Rain - Reunion 12th December

Hey KT,I'm organising a RAIN reunion night for WvW reset on Saturday 12th December. I thought it would be nice to get as many people back together for one night. The plan is to group up on EB with a tag, along with pugs and just have some fun - no...
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Thoughts on WvW Reset Night

Just a few observations about our last reset, and thoughts on moving forward:The time spent in the PvP lobby practicing movement, leaps, and firing off skills seemed to help us execute in game. Also, Canis' comments about us needing to be focused...
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She put on a commander tag but you'll never guess what happened NEXT!

I thought I'd get my feet wet again "commanding" so I am looking for members to join me in WvW! I ask that you bring a lvl 80 that YOU feel comfortable playing. Know your stuns, condi cleanses, blasts, etc. Don't be afraid to call out skill that ...
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Commander Canis Lupis

Yo KTMaking a Rally/War Cry post for Canis. He's going to be commanding on Friday night at reset on SBI BL. It would be great to see a bunch of gold names behind him this week, especially since we'll be coming off of a rough match.We'll be out f...
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WvW Jumping puzzles/ Last run!

So, Cheetah has been porting the WvW puzzles weekly (minus time out for the World Cup! woohoo!) for TWO ENTIRE YEARS tomorrow Wednesday 1/21/2015. It will also be his last. He has done an amazing job and supported SBI. It would be awesome to say t...
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Competitive Rules WvW Reset Event!

I would like to run a competitive rules event for reset on Friday, the 7th. Please sign up here on the forums with the class you will be playing and the build you will be using.Hopefully we can get 2 groups going! Thursday night will be a dress re...
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Glam on Mag

Come and find me!
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Pocket's Better WvW Scoring System™

There are numerous improvements that can be made in WvW but in the upcoming CDI I am going to propose a change to the way scoring works for the next Tournament - ideally they could implement changes sooner but the CDI is going to be focussed on Wv...
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Coordinated DPS Group

Now that the major patch has hit, and with the tournament (and associated rewards) coming at the end of the week, I'm wondering if anyone would like to try their hand at a coordinated dps group, somewhat along the lines of what Glam had tried to p...
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Make Guilds Matter in WvW

Hey KT,Last week I heard that our adopted Anet Dev spent time with our guild discussing concerns/ideas about WvW. I'm gutted I missed the discussion, as you all know I am a huge fan of WvW and combat in GW2. But hearing that the discussion took pl...
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Event - Sept 11th - WvW When Portals Collide

Someone calls out WERE GUNNA GOLEM RUSH!!!! You scramble to the border land, the Commanders calling for Mesmers to type M in chat and they rush out of spawn seeing a crap load of people dropping mesmer portals all at once. The Golems seem to make ...
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Anti-Periphery - What does that even mean?!

During this past WvW reset, I brought out my (newly level 80) thief so I can get away from the usual hammer train shenanigans, and back into an anti-peripheral role. But, what exactly does anti-periphery even mean? I throw the term around quite a ...
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Organized Fights WvW

With the WvW Fall Tournament coming up in 2 and a half weeks (Sept 12!!) I had to watch one of the videos Laura made while we were running KTX. This video puts such a smile on my face when watching it. We may have not been the best group but that ...
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WvW KT Night

Short notice I know...Aug 14th 8:00 Eastern. Elementalist night.Need to brush up on your ele skills? Bring out your Elementalist to KT WvW night. We will be discussing builds and skill abilities. Share any pro tips you may have maybe we can learn ...
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Tour De Unicorn

Yitsi went sight seeing today. She had to take a photo at each of her stops.I guess it started out as a sad trip...Inside Garrison.. feeling a little depressedHeaded up towards NE tower ... still not feeling it.Found a blue glowing friend at N[N] ...
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EVENT - July 10th WvW!

Come join KT on their WvW night July 10th at 9:00pm Eastern. We are going to go back to basics. Learning the techniques to play together as a group and play off each others abilities. We will be going over how to properly use blast fields and tech...
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