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WvWvW Group Build - May

by ClockworkUnltd on Apr 25, 2013 at 06:54 PM}
This month's group build is designed to get away from the zerg, and focus more on small group roaming (aka, a "Havoc Group"). The group is designed to work well with small numbers, have fairly high survivability, and be able to take out targets with relative haste. The main targets for the build would be camps and small groups of opposing players. There is quite a bit of flexibility in how the group can go about achieving its goals.

The team consists of 3 Mesmers, 1 Elementalist, and 1 Thief (see builds below). Ideally there would be 2 burst mesmers and 1 tanky mesmer.

Two main ideas that I had for how this build would cap a camp would be to either: a) all team members focus down a singular target, and then move on to the next, until the camp is captured, or b) given the amount of damage each team member is capable of dealing, each team member focuses down an individual target, so as to cap the camp quicker. As to which tactic is used, this would depend on each particular situation, and on the preferences of the team.

As with any group build, please feel free to leave feedback so the build can continue to evolve. We have not completed a lot of these builds yet (this is only the second group build), so there should be lots of room to improve. As always, we will make every effort to help people to level or gear their character, as needed. And, of course, sticking exactly to these builds is not an absolute requirement--some builds can have quite the financial barrier to them, so please feel free to use a more cheaply obtainable substitute (please note: alternative suggestions will be added at a later time). Finally, there are always opportunities for those who do not have a character that belongs to the classes listed in this build to participate in the havocy fun; it never hurts to have more people helping to run havoc on other parts of the map (more people causing havoc = the enemy having to make a tough decision of where to send their zerg, or having to split up their forces to deal with the multiple threats).

Mesmer - Burst/Mobility Build

This build has a focus on staying fairly mobile, while dealing quite a bit of burst damage. You want to use the combo fields that you and the other mesmers lay down to your advantage (i.e., use leap finishers, such as Illusionary Leap or Phase Retreat, through the ethereal fields). Your main burst damage will come from the swords, while your staff is there to be used fairly defensively (and it is a beast in that regard).

Link to Build


  • Heal: Mirror (blocks projectiles and mitigates CC’s; however, heals for less) or Ether Feast (base heal is higher, plus gain additional health for each active illusion; however, does not block projectiles)
  • Blink
  • Decoy
  • Portal Entre
  • Mass Invisibility or Time Warp


  • Sword/Sword (Berserker’s) Sigils: Fire/Accuracy
  • Staff (Berserker’s) Sigil: Generosity or Perception

  • Head: Berserker’s (Rune of Air)
  • Shoulder: Berserker’s (Rune of Air)
  • Chest: Knight’s (Rune of Air)
  • Hand: Berserker’s (Rune of Air)
  • Leg: Berserker’s (Rune of Air)
  • Foot: Valkyrie (Rune of Air)

  • Amulet: Berserker’s
  • Rings: Cavalier’s
  • Accessories: Berserker’s
  • Backpack: Cavalier’s

  • Anything that adds to Precision and/or Critical Damage.

Mesmer – Retaliation/Tank Build

The idea with this build is basically to stay alive while your opponent drops their own health through attacking you. This is done by keeping retaliation, regeneration, protection, and chaos armor up as much as possible, and also by effectively mitigating conditions through minus condition duration (from runes and nourishment). Again, as above, you will want to use the ethereal combo fields to your advantage (including Time Warp). Your focus helps greatly at mitigating damage from projectiles; don’t be afraid to throw down a Temperal Curtain between you and the target that is dealing projectile damage. Never shatter while your Phantasmal Warden is still alive--your enemy will get double the retaliation each time you are struck (once for hitting you, once because it counts as a hit on the Warden, who also has retaliation).

Link to Build


  • Heal: Ether Feast
  • Decoy
  • Mirror Images
  • Phantasmal Defender
  • Time Warp (with group) or Mass Invisibility (if solo)


  • Sword/Focus (Soldier’s) Sigils: Bloodlust/Hydromancy
  • Staff (Soldier’s) Sigil: Energy

  • Head: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)
  • Shoulder: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)
  • Chest: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)
  • Hand: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)
  • Leg: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)
  • Foot: Soldier’s (Rune of Melandru)

  • Amulet: Soldier’s
  • Rings: Soldier’s
  • Accessories: Soldier’s
  • Backpack: Soldier’s

  • Sharpening stone + lemongrass poultry soup (for the minus condition duration).

Thief – Stealthy McStabStab

Link to Build


  • Heal: Hide in Shadows
  • Shadowstep
  • Shadow Refuge
  • Signet of Shadows
  • Dagger Storm


  • Dagger/Dagger (Berserker’s) Sigils: Air/Bloodlust
  • Shortbow (Berserker’s) Sigil: Fire

  • Head: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)
  • Shoulder: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)
  • Chest: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)
  • Hand: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)
  • Leg: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)
  • Foot: Berserker’s (Rune of the Scholar)

  • Amulet: Berserker’s
  • Rings: Berserker’s
  • Accessories: Berserker’s
  • Backpack: Berserker’s

  • Should focus on power, precision, and/or critical damage.

Elementalist – Daggery Goodness

Link to Build


  • Heal: Glyph of Elemental Harmony or Ether Renewal
  • Arcane Blast
  • Arcane Wave
  • Mist Form
  • Glyph of Elementals


  • Dagger/Dagger (Berserker’s) Sigils: Battle/Bloodlust

  • Head: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)
  • Shoulder: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)
  • Chest: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)
  • Hand: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)
  • Leg: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)
  • Foot: Valkyrie’s (Rune of Divinity)

  • Amulet: Valkyrie’s
  • Rings: Valkyrie’s
  • Accessories: Valkyrie’s
  • Backpack: Valkyrie’s

  • Whatever strikes your fancy. Perhaps something that increases your power and precision.


Thanks for posting this
Moo Moo
If we can manage to get a full group together I imagine this will be fon-to-due!!
Is this gonna change any cause of the mesmer and ele nerfs happening tomorrow?
Based on the high level outlining int he state of the game, I wouldn't think so. I think retaliation / confusion is getting a touch of a balance (they splitting its balance from pvp).
Retaliation/confusion in WvW has been matched with how it is in PvP. Just means the tanky build will have to play a little bit smarter. ;)

Also means the confusion builds that are so popular while zerging are not quite as viable as they were. Not that it affects these builds, but yeah.

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