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A Knight's Tale - Chapter Two - Finding Damarus

by Pocket on Apr 30, 2013 at 01:49 PM}
“For the men who lived to guard us all. They stood defiant atop the wall”. The irony of the words carved into the Hawkes Heart at the centre of the city cut into Pocket as he stood motionless in front of his father’s grave in Defender’s Field. A month had passed since the incident on the edge of the Brand and he had hardly spoken to a soul since. Zipp had decided they would be moving back to Metrica, Ebonhawke was only home to painful memories now. 4 weeks ago Pocket would have loved moving back, but now something in Ebonhawke clung onto him, he needed to find Damarus.

Pocket had spent the entire day in the graveyard. It was now evening, there were no more visitors and he could spend as much time as he wanted without having to focus his gaze on the ground to avoid eye contact with others. As he sat there alone he leant his head back against the boundary wall and closed his eyes, there was complete silence. Except for the birds of course who had never stopped singing songs for the heroes buried around him. He followed the tune and it relaxed him. There were high notes and low, long hoots and short tweets. The catchy rhythm continued and soon he was able to anticipate and guess the notes as they repeated, it was a riff! He sat up startled, it was the sound of an organ being played in the distance. Pocket turned his ears up into the air to locate the sound, it was coming from the West. He flipped into the air and set off following the music. Before long he was at the foot of a set of stairs at the southern end of Ebonhawke built up against the cliff. He darted up the stairs which bent around on themselves and found himself on a balcony, he stepped slowly towards a half opened door and as he placed his hand on it the music stopped. Pocket’s ears fell back down as he walked into the room in wonder at the magnificent instrument inside.

He had seen many organs before but not one like this. There were no keys and it appeared as though the instrument was to be played by pushing on 6 red coloured discs. The room itself was small, there were two doors either side of the organ, maybe the musician had retreated through one? A book lying on a chair in the room caught his attention. He walked over to the chair and lifted the book into his arms. It was titled “The Founding” by Kimmes The Historian, he opened the book to the contents page, it was about the history of Ebonhawke, he continued to read down the list of topics covered when he caught his breath at the sight of three words: “The Knights Templar”. Pocket jumped into the chair and with the book on his lap flicked over to the correct page and began reading. The book covered the creation of the guild, whose origins were in a land Pocket has never heard of before, it was founded by band of heroes who had defeated an ancient tyrant known as the ‘Lord of Destruction’. He continued to flick through the pages and stopped at what looked to be a timeline, he read the entries and soon realised that they were all names, it wasn't a timeline at all, it was a list of Guild Leaders! He was scanning quicker now and as he reached the bottom his eyes widened, the last name on the list was Damarus! Pocket flicked over to the next page and found a map of Tyria, there were stars dotted over the map, he quickly found Ebonhawke which had a bigger star than all the others except for one. The largest star on the map was in Lornar’s Pass, over a place unfamiliar to Pocket, a place named 'The Durmand Priory'. Pocket ran back home with the book under his arm, he thought about whether his actions constituted trespassing and theft, he could think of no logical reason why they wouldn't and so he chose to stop thinking about it at all.

Zipp had taken the news just as Pocket’s calculations had predicted : badly. Initially she had flat out refused, he was all she had now and though it tempted her to use the memory of his father to make him stay, she knew even that would not stop Pocket. She secretly admired his stubbornness, it reminded her of Panttz and weakened her resolve to stop her son. She wanted him back within the day and Pocket promised he would not waypoint anywhere else except for the Priory and then back to Ebonhawke. He finished his dinner and ran up to his room and to the book, he was now taking time to read through each chapter carefully in anticipation to his vtrip.

He awoke the next morning to find the book still in his arms, he flipped out of bed, placed the book into his backpack and made his way downstairs where Zipp was already waiting for him. “Remember, straight back here OK?”. “Affirmative mother” replied Pocket as he ran out of the door. The nearest waypoint was at the Hawkgates and Pocket paused before initiating the teleport, he thought of the day he had stepped outside of the walls, it was curious that a single step outside the city could be more dangerous than porting half way across Tyria, he remembered his father as he took the waypoint and disappeared.

The Durmand Priory was cold. As he gathered himself he found that he was in a long corridor which opened out into the air, it was snowing outside. He turned around to find a magical scene, there were stone tablet scriptures floating in the air rotating around a beam of light. It amazed him, as far as he knew only Asuran’s had mastered the ability to make objects levitate but this was not Asuran technology. He lowered his gaze to find many faces staring back at him. Maybe the Priory wasn’t used to having visitors, but as he analysed the faces he sensed there was something else at play. “Hello Pocket” came the voice of a woman from behind the beam of light, “I am Damarus and I have been expecting you”. Pocket’s emotions immediately overwhelmed him “Did you know my father?” he asked tearfully, “Yes I did, he was an old friend”. Pocket’s brain buzzed with a million and one questions but before he could pick one Damarus continued, “I will answer all of your questions in time Pocket, but first you must hear this : Your father and I knew, all that has happened has been foretold, including your destiny. You must be brave now and fulfill it, you must start by taking your father’s place here with us, you must join the Knights Templar”. Pocket was crouched on the floor now, he felt the weight of his heart pull him to the floor and the cold bite of the winter air rushed in over him and made his tears feel ice cold against his face. As his body shivered Damarus came closer and placed her hand on Pocket’s shoulder, “Are you ready?”. As Pocket nodded Damarus uttered the words that would change his life forever: "a son replaces a father and fear will be replaced by might, fullfill your destiny and arise Pocket Knight!"

Make sure to check back next week for Chapter Three - Training!

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Ha ha top one pocket,nice read has to be said though your character looks a right nerd with those bins (glasses) on
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