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New Lore Section

by Damarus on Aug 28, 2013 at 11:06 PM}
I have put up a new Lore section in our resource pages. Anything that explains the world, events in the world, characters in the world, or just general doing of Tyria can be included here!

I will be filling the area with lots of goodies, but I need your help! I need good images, websites, videos - anything you know that has lore to help build it out and categorize it so people looking to learn the lore can understand and digest the massive world that is Tyria.

You can find the page here - I have a rough outline included of how I am thinking of possibly structuring the lore , but it can change based on feedback.

Leave comments here to give feedback!



There was a link that Laura once shared with me that showed the GW2 map with an overlay of GW1 locations. Was interesting to speculate how events in GW1 may appear in future in GW2. Laura what was that site?
I added that, and I added a bunch of other maps / videos as well.
GuildMag has a nice lore section with well written articles...
Added link to bottom. If you think there is worthy articles to call out specifically, let me know. Right now I'm very interested in getting a few more basic outlines for the compain.
That map overlay shows some VERY interesting things too. It's amazing how much they stayed true to the original game. I can't wait to see what they do when they open up some of these sections where important things have happened in GW1 and are yet blocked off in 2.
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