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Knights Templar Hits A Milestone!

by Loren Michael on Jan 03, 2014 at 02:48 PM}

Ten years ago this month, a lovely little guild called Knights Templar [KT] was officially founded. There aren't many guilds that can boast this kind of run, and I'm incredibly proud that we've made it this far while staying true to our founding ideals. Surely, they are the things that make a good foundation for a guild that lasts. I'm thrilled to have been part of KT for as long as I have, and I'm looking forward to the next 10 years and what's in store for us in the future!

I made a post a few weeks ago about the Anniversary Party we'll be having on Saturday the 25th, but I wanted to offer up a place for everyone to take a moment over the next few weeks as we celebrate to share some of your favorite memories of playing with KT...

Tell me about how you joined!

Tell me about that one fractal that took forever but you were able to pull it off despite the odds!

Tell me about the time you went vanquishing for 8 hours just to finish off some of those maps...

Tell me about your guild leader falling asleep at the last boss in the dun... wait, I don't need to hear that story. *:|

If you've been a member for a long time, tell me stories of GW1, or maybe some of the adventures we had between Guild Wars releases in SWTOR, Warhammer, AoC... anything!

Tell us about your favorite memory of playing with Rex!

Leave your story in the comments below and we'll have some fun reading them and talking about them at the party!


I remember tagging alongside KT when I could, first of all in wvw. I'd follow Canis, I'd do some map flipping with Cheetah and Laura buttearly in the morning. Really, I basically found KT while drifting between guilds.

And then Laura punched me in lovingly before missions one Sunday afternoon, and no one's been able to get rid of me since :D

At first I was pretty shy and quiet and kept to myself because omgpeoplenewcrowd. Knowing a handful of people already helped me adjust into my new home for sure, seeing as now I'm not that awkward chick making lame jokes... I'm just your guildmate making lame jokes :p

During my short time here, being around you guys has made my day better when I'm having a crappy one, no matter how briefly I'm on. (Except Loren1....she's scary. O.O) "Late Night KT" happens pretty much all day erryday, you guys are freaking hilarious, everything's in good fun.

My favorite memories would have to be, to name a few off the top of my head at 4:37am, gathering with whoever was on at the time to forge my legendary in LA (Canis even brought out the roast pig; not to mention several of you came out of wvw just for that <3)... Vidar spontaneously dying for not kneeling to Laura (come on it was random and hilarious, love you man)... Laura/generators otp... Laura and her buttons...

Oh, and that one time our guild leader fell asleep at the last boss of a dungeon and I had to ask Mal to text her after 40 minutes :p

I cannot wait for the next 10 years and I'm way more than fajauduking happy to be here to share a part of my life with you guys, even if we all move on from gw2 :D

A couple of other memories--

My first dungeon experience with KT was where Desh and Boku took me along the Aetherblade dungeon (yes, that one in LA before TA :p), and I can't remember who else they convinced to drag this noob along (it was the only time I ran it), but I had fun all the same despite dying...a lot. And watching Boku solo Mai Trin for a while o_o

And then just recently was my birthday. As someone who just lets their birthdat come and go with no fuss, I was actually looking forward to it, if only because I would be spending it with you guys :) It was really the best one I've had, so I'm really grateful to have been able to spend the day with all of you on mumble/TS.

Then there was spending new year's in a level 30 dredge fractal... Even though it got frustrating, that was still pretty fun as well. ♥
So KT's 10 year anniversary coincides closely with my 1 year anniversary (Feb 9th 2013) in KT. It has been a ton of fun being a part of this guild and so I want to review the events of the last year to elaborate on why I think KT is the second best guild on SBI… after Pocket Guild!

This will be long to grab some tea and biscuits :P

Firstly how I came to join KT. I was actually about to leave SBI, I had just got into WvW in December 2012, it was a horrible time as the exodus was taking place. The rest of my guild mates (I used to rep GAF) who WvW'd were leaving for JQ and asked me to go with them. I was talking it over with my guild leader and he asked me to listen to a recording of the latest state of the server meeting. In that meeting Grundle came on, told everyone to keep calm, carry on and enjoy the game, it made me realise that leaving SBI would not give me what I wanted, because the day there was an exodus on JQ would I be facing another server move? It made me realise the importance of being part of a community over winning.

So I sought out Grundle in WvW and I messaged him to let him know that I was someone who had stayed on SBI because of what he had said in the SOTS meeting. He asked me to join TS and run with him, I was so damn poor at the time I didn't even have exotic trinkets. I remember asking him once in TS if he was a jeweller so I could ask him to craft my trinkets for me, a lot of people thought I had asked him whether he was a Jew! (because of my accent I suppose) I nearly crapped my pants! He ended up crafting my Knights trinkets for free using his own mats which was awesome and I asked him if I could join KT. He said I would have to speak to someone called Damarus, as he was the leader and that he didn't understand why the entry criteria was so strict! lol Those days running WvW with Grundle was a lot of fun, I remember him running us to an enemy keep and asking everyone to smash on the door because we knew we couldn't capture it and we're going to finish last but he wanted them to know we were still alive. I also remember once we were being chased by a huge ass zerg and he told every to just stop, bend over and grab our ankles because there was no avoiding the beat down that was about to happen. TS erupted in laughter and I still laugh thinking about it now. The WvW meta has moved on so much but I still think Grundle is the most pug-friendly commander out there and you need people like him to get new players into WvW. We laugh at people who worry about dying, but I used to be one of those people. Unless you are used to playing computer games competitively WvW can be intimidating, it sounds pathetic but those players need our support if we are to be stronger as a server.

Anyway, I messaged Damarus who pm'd me and starting asking me a set of questions, it was like an interview o_O he asked me if used voice comms and I said yes I did but to listen only, he asked me what I liked to do and I said WvW only and he asked me why I wanted to join KT and I told him about the fact that I was running a lot of WvW with Grundle etc… in hindsight I have no idea why my answers would have convinced someone like Damarus to let me join but I am glad he did.

I remember my first dungeon run, it was AC, Damarus and Rex (God bless his soul) were there with some others, I think Crowl and maybe Carillion. I was on my Engineer at the time. I still remember throughout the dungeon Damarus would be making jokes about stuff like if anyone goes down they are going to get kicked, or that he was watching how we were all playing and didn't want to see us do anything stupid. I still remember the fight with Kholer where I basically just stood back on the stairs and auto attacked him down because I was so worried about going down and looking like a dufus on my first dungeon run with KT. Haha Damarus, that guy has such a wikid sense of humour which I really appreciate now but didn't at the time.

I think I really started to settle into KT when I did my first set of guild missions, I remember Laura would be running them and that was the first time I really met her. It was guild bounty and I remember being in Mount Malestrom hunting down Komali, it was me and Lady Ariot. Then we did the guild trek and I remember being really good at those, I whizzed through like 4-5 of them and remember feeling really proud of myself (haha what a loser!).

Anyway so I slowly got to know people and it was great fun, I remember Damarus and Laura calling me into to PvP and getting absolutely creamed. I was fighting Marcus Dairy on the Legacy of the Foefire map at the waterfall and I just got destroyed. I never went back into PvP till a lot later, but it made me realise that I wanted to be better, and that self improvement can be a very satisfying part of this game. Now I absolutely love PvP.

There was one day where the login server went down and some of use just sat in mumble for a few hours and exchanged youtube music videos, I remember Istaea (someone DDOS League of Legends so she comes back!), Ronin, Grimes, Jimmi and I think Hobbit were there and we started exchanging music videos from the year we were born, haha some of the reactions to our ages were pretty funny.

I remember meeting the Dawn krewe during Tyrian Tuesday, it was the molten alliance dungeon and Allen Walker was wrapping all the enemies together and i was hundred blading them to death, we ran that dungeon so many times trying to get that damn jetpack but alas it was never to be.

Writing my short stories is how I got to know people outside of KT. Sadi asked me if I wanted to let her put the stories on the SBI website and I didn't really care at the time because I wrote them for my own enjoyment mainly but then people starting whispering me in LA or in WvW to ask if I was the same Pocket Knight in the stories and I was like whoa! People actually read that crap haha. I guess I have to thank you guys for that, Damarus asked me if I wanted to write articles for the KT website and I asked him if I could write a story about people in KT and he agreed. I really need to finish the first series so I can move on to write about all the newer members.

Funniest moment without doubt has to be Grimes getting locked up in the cells in the Cliffslide fractal on his condi Necro, it would take him ages to get out as conditions don't affect the gates only to be thrown straight back in there, this happened the whole fight and had Toro, Wofflee and me in tears of laughter, and I could have sworn Grimes cried too.

Proudest moment was winning the second SBI Scavenger Hunt to make KT two time champions :D We didn't even have a full team until like 30 minutes before it started but our team was amazing (Nihlus, Sharei, Athuria and Boku) and we smashed it. I am still holding onto my Fixer Upper wrench skin till the day they let Engineer use Mace as weapons.

The past year in GW2 feels like it has gone by so quickly, playing with you guys has made me realise that it really is the people that make this game fun. I went from being a total noob (didn't even know about mouse turning) to someone who I think is pretty decent at this game, someone who was scared of TS to someone who logs into TS before logging into the actual game. It sounds so cheesy but i'm not really someone who is naturally confident but that has completely changed in the last year. I actually went back to look at my welcome post on the KT forums and this is what it said:

Love: Fighting against all odds in WvW, exploring the world of Tyria
Hate: PvP and jumping puzzles - because I suck at them

That alone makes me realise how much I have changed in the past year as a player. When is the next jumping puzzle competition?!

I hope KT always retains a sense of family but also a place that promotes becoming better, I have felt how intimidating MMOs can be and have been lucky enough to experience how people can completely change that for you. If I could pick one role for myself as a member of KT it would be someone who supports new players and at the same time challenges them to try things they haven't before.

Happy anniversary to everyone in KT.

I joined KT back in 2005 while GW1 was still in it's first year. I came as a forum troller and just like the guys/gals in the group. Over the years I began one of the standard players in what was then called Guild vs. Guild PVP. I proundly was on the team that finished in the world championships as the #39 guild. We played around in a couple other games, then some of the founders like myself had to go on hiatus due to real life. GW2 was a very difficult transition for me as it is so different from the first one. Perhaps I'm just too old to keep up with all the goings on in the game now but I just didn't find it terribly fun unfortunately. I logged in last night for the first time in a year and was just overwhelmed with all the items I have no clue what they do. In any case, it's been a wonderful experience over the years and hopefully someone will take me by the hand and baby step me through this game if I can get interested again. I'm an elder and still in contact with the original "brothers" so if anyone needs something just let me know. Happy Anniversary folks.
- Dirty
Hey Dirty! Good to hear from you! I was AFK when you popped in the other day and by the time I saw your notes in guild chat you were gone! We've got lots of people who can help you learn what you need to know to get by, and there's also a bit of helpful information here on the forums too. We gotta get you in some dungeons and out in WvW a bit. There's a ton of stuff to do, and there's usually new content every 2 weeks to keep it interesting, so come on out and have some fun with us!

Well, I'm started off in an alliance guild over a year ago and figured out I that I liked you guys a heck of a lot more than some of the guild leaders in the other one. I had to take a break during spring and most of summer. Work obliged (darn real life moving in during gaming time). During this past autumn, I was able to play fairly regularly again. I got to know people and really have come to enjoy and like this guild. When I can't log on due to various obligations and mostly not in the house with my gaming machine, I miss you guys. I have to say I like your presence more than the actual game. Had I known you guys in the past throughout all the other various games you played, I'd have lived all those moments with you. I've been in really good guilds in the past that have all unfortunately dissolved throughout the years due to r/l obligations. This guild though it has 10 years is full of young members which gives me hope to be with you guys a long time. I really appreciate and enjoy being a part of KT. I've introduced my son to the guild, the almighty "Ethienne Fearstream". At first he was, fine fine, I'll be in another guild with you mom since you keep bugging the heck out of me. Now, as soon as I walk into the house, "Maman... La guild fait.... blah blah blah... (Mom, the guild is doing.... )". He's all excited and so happy to have good people organizing great events to play with. One day, he may actually start speaking in TS with his French English... lol.

I'm hoping to be around this weekend, to be part of the great 10th anniversary. I'll have to speak to Genius to juggle our schedule, but if it's possible. I want to be there with you guys. You mean a lot to me.
Oh yes, and thank you so much for being patient with me during Fractals (I know I die a lot) and my huge lack of skill at jumping puzzles. Joining you guys in Fractals has got my son addicted to them and he's become pretty much an expert that them over the past 2-3 weeks. If he says in guild, anyone want to do a Fractal run, trust that he can go through it like a breeze and get all through it. (now if only he would use his voice, rather than mine... lol)
I met and joined doing Cow runs in d2 lod. We all became alpha testers for GW and started kt. We used to wipe out those cows for sure. I don't know what year that was but a while ago.
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