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Introducing a new kind of event for Knights Templar

by Canis on Aug 17, 2014 at 09:19 PM}

Hello Knights,

The War Council is proud to announce competitive events to the guild. These events can take place in PvP, WvW or PvE. Everyone within the guild is invited to partake, however a strict rule set will be applied to these events and you must follow them if you wish to participate.

We are offering these events to offer a competitive, hardcore type event for members to enjoy. These events will always be optional, but we encourage our members to participate whenever they can.

These events will be using what I like to call Competitive Rules. During events using this rule you can expect the following:

An efficient, organized group with a concise goal, weather the goal is PvE, PvP or WvW oriented.

All members participating will be using characters familiar to them (preferably their main characters) and will be level 80.

A chosen leader will speak for the group, decide on targets and determine objectives.

Now, let’s look over the rules you will be expected to follow if you wish to participate in an event using Competitive Rules.

1.) At the beginning of the event a leader will be chosen, the leader will determine objectives and target priority for the group.

2.) Members must play a character they are familiar with.

3.) Members must have appropriate gear.

4.) Members must do their best to have buffs such as food, oil and sharpening stones running at all times.

5.) Members will follow directions of the chosen leader for the event and do their best to follow orders as
efficiently as possible.

6.) Members will keep off topic communication to a minimum during the event, and only pertinent information related to the objective should be discussed during an event.

More rules will be added over time as events grow.

I hope you are excited for these events and The War Council looks forward to seeing you attend them in the future. Stay posted for times and dates will be running them!

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So when will these events take place? :)
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