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Changes coming to guilds with HoT!

by Canis on Sep 21, 2015 at 02:57 PM}
Hello knights! It’s been a while since we’ve updated our front page. I’ve decided to post information about guild halls and the changes coming to guild structure with the Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, Heart of Thorns. Below you will find a summery of changes coming to guilds and thoughts our guild should consider about each change.

Guild Halls

  • Guilds can claim and grow a guild hall in the Heart of Maguuma
  • Provides a home where players can gather, organize for events and guild missions, and build and progress both the guild and the guild hall
  • Smaller guilds will be treated "respectfully"
  • Guild halls will be locations discovered and entered on the world map, but are instances your guild owns. The plan is to ground the story of guild halls and their experience in the story of the jungle.
  • Scribe is a new guild crafting discipline, used to create consumables, World versus World bonuses, and decorations for the hall.

Thoughts: We should designate Scribes for the guild. This is a guild professions and it should be something a few dedicated members consider, it's probably not going to be a good idea to have everyone in the guild try and level this up at once.

Guilds Teams

  • Guilds can register guild teams to compete within sPvP, in both Conquest and Stronghold maps.
  • Leaderboard will show the best guild teams in the world

Thoughts: Does the guild have any interest in creating a team for PvP? I'm interesting in exploring this idea, but we need to put that work in for it to be successful.

Reworked Mechanics

Guild chat — introducing cross-guild chat. From your main guild panel, you'll be able to assign which guilds you can chat to with new channels, /g1 through /g5. You can then decide which channels will be visible in your chat tabs. The existing guild chat channel, /g, will continue to chat to your currently represented guild.

  • Guild currencies
    • Favor incentivizes guilds to gather and complete missions on a weekly basis
    • Aetherium replaces the pacing elements of the current queue system and establishes a baseline rate at which our largest guilds can progress that cannot be circumvented by spending gold.
    • Resonance serves the sole purpose of speeding up the assembling of guild items and removes the need to balance other currencies around that. Meanwhile, resonating shards reward small group play with fellow guild members.
  • Existing currencies
    • Influence will no longer be able to be acquired once the new system is released. Previously accumulated influence will be used to accelerate your initial progress in building up your guild hall in the following ways:
    • Each day, you may trade a limited amount of influence for favor.
    • Once per day, you may use influence to purchase a small boost to your aetherium production.
    • Whenever it suits you, you may convert influence to resonance.
  • Guild Merits will be removed
  • Guild Commendations will still be rewarded to players who complete guild missions

Thoughts: A lot of big changes here. Guild chat is going to be huge. We can potentially have up to 5 guilds we communicate with. Who do we want to ally with? Another big one is the removal of influence. We need to decide what we are going to do with our Guild Merits, and if we want to spend our influence or save it up so we can spend it on boosts later on.

Guild Upgrades

These mechanics will be moved out of the guild panel into physical structures with NPCs within the Guild Initiative and halls. If your guild has obtained the necessary research level and prerequisites to have consumables like banners or Vault Transport unlocked under the current system, you will have them unlocked to craft in the new system.

  • The cap on all of the guild consumables that will be transferring to the new system will be raise to a maximum of 25.
  • Temporary guild-wide bonuses will be permanent bonuses once unlocked or effects (like food and utility effects, maximum of 1) available from a vendor in the tavern.
  • World versus World structure bonuses will be permanently unlocked and apply to any claimed area.
  • Any consumable upgrades your guild has purchased that fall into the categories being removed will need to be used before the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns or they will disappear.

Thoughts: Looks like a lot of upgrades will be permanent once they've been unlocked. Hopefully it means we can always get a banner when we need it by spending guild tokens or some other currency. It also sounds like once we've unlocked the bonuses to WvW structures they will always be active when claiming an objective. Awesome!

Guild Missions

will be available to all guilds and will not require upgrades to unlock. Each guild will have a limited amount of missions available and additional missions can be unlocked by upgrading the guild. Missions are free to activate and guilds are able to retry each if the mission is failed. Only one mission can be active at a time.

  • Guild Challenges and Guild Puzzles will become instanced
  • Guild Portal in the guild hall will allow players to travel to waypoints near each mission's starting location

Thoughts: I hope we see some changes to mission variety or some new types. The instances sounds interesting.

Guild Claiming

Claiming structures in World versus World will function the same way but will offer more unique upgrades.

  • Improvements are always active at the objective that give it better defenses and new functionality.
    • Supply Camps: upgrade the speed, capacity, and toughness of dolyaks
    • Towers: upgrade to show enemies within range on the map
    • Keeps: enhance the defending players
    • Stonemist Castle: upgrade fountains to grant stealth to those who drink from them
  • Tactics are objective-based abilities that players can activate to temporarily boost or defend an objective.
    • Summon in supply drops
    • Activate a trap that chills attackers
    • Temporarily fortify gates and walls against all attacks
    • Call in a Pact Fleet bombardment to shred your enemies in a field of explosive ruin
    • Call in a Pact Fleet bombardment to shred your enemies in a field of explosive ruin
    • Call in a Pact Fleet bombardment to shred your enemies in a field of explosive ruin

Thoughts: These changes are going to change the way WvW is played. Claiming an objective is going to be a must, and defending it with a guild is going to become a new practice. This type of game play suites our guilds style of holding objectives like we used to a few years ago.


I love crafting. I really do. I honestly don't mind give being a Scribe a shot, given I can get help with gathering materials. Since it's looking like we're going to be needing all tiers of materials, I'm hoping that crafting as a Scribe for consumables/etc. and decorations is harder than getting a list together and hitting a button.

I also really love decorating :x

The rework of guild chats will be fun and interesting. I hope that, if people decide to have their guild(s) together in one tab, that there's an indicator between each guild. Eg, [1] for represented, [2], [3], etc. Otherwise, people are just forget if they're only in tabs. Especially if they have their chat windows set to transparent with \.

I still love that puzzles and challenges are going to be instanced. My laptop, though technically better than my desktop, cannot handle massive groups of people. The game literally becomes unplayable for me. I hope rushes will eventually fall into this as well, though others may not like how it cuts KT off from the rest of the megaservers. I'd love to not be forced to constantly switch between my computers just to play this game, BSODs from Windows 10 aside. (GW2 is the only instance where both issues happen.)

Like I said this past weekend, play defensive is just my style. I enjoy babying a keep, escorting yaks to it, upgrading it. I know it's not everyone's style, and that's okay. But man, calling in that pact fleet to shred a blob sounds fun ;)
Also re: Stronghold (because I cant reply to a reply in a journal what), I think it might be a good idea to attempt to re-establish our PvP arena and see if we can have it set to that at launch? I know a lot of people are likely going to be curious about how different it is vs conquest, but are too shy to go and try during betas. It leaves the chance of encountering a bad experience that just leaves a nasty taste in your mouth and can turn people off from trying it beyond that one time.

Just a thought. People are likely going to want to jump into it more if they get a good feel and understanding of it with practice and exploration of mechanics. Even if there's already videos and posts everywhere, there's just a difference between seeing and reading versus doing it yourself.

I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.
I let the Arena expire because 2g/day was draining my wallet and after hearing about guild halls and a pvp area in there, I'm hopeful that a private guild "arena" will be available in some form in the hall.

If not we can definitely entertain the idea of grabbing another custom arena for a bit! :D
Oh I totally get why we let it expire. I suppose that we'll just have to see with the guild halls how the PvP aspect plays out inside of the halls :D
Nice recap Canis.

I'm not exactly sure how guild permissions will be configured. But if there is a specific permission which allows control of the fighting arena I would like to be one of the people who has control over it. I have friends who are in small WvW or PvP guilds that I would love to bring into the KT guild hall so we can spar/duel - they may not have access to their own guild halls and might go looking elsewhere for it. It might be a good way to bolster our PvP / WvW crowd.

In terms of having a KT PvP team. Just being totally honest - at this stage I'm not interested in being part of a KT team because I want to be in a team who's main focus will be PvP or GvG (over WvW or PvE) because team PvP requires ALOT of practice and strategy. I might actually end up PvPing in EU due to tournament times etc. I'm happy to keep an open mind, I'm just concerned that I'll spend so much time getting other people to PvP when I could use that time learning / getting better.

As ever, I'm always happy to help KT as much as I can with WvW/PvP.
I would love allowing smaller guild access to our services and Knights Templar has always been a community guild. I think allowing some of the more hardcore PvP groups open access to our facilities would be a great way of getting KT back to its roots and it might even help get some of our members involved into PvP and WvW.

I think we will inevitably be making a PvP team, because I like the idea of playing with the guild in Stronghold, but whether or not we want to become competitive remains to be decided.
HoT seems to be shaping up pretty nicely. There are a lot of new features, additions, and changes that are already quite attractive about it. I'm excited for how the new specializations will affect WvW, as well as PvE. I'm also pretty excited to see how this whole Scribe thing plays out--we don't really know a lot about it, but from the information that has been released so far, I'd be interested in possibly pursuing that (I say "possibly" because with the limited information available, it'd be silly to make any decisions about that, or really anything else, at this point). Sadly I won't be getting involved with anything competitive outside of WvW (i.e., PvP), as I won't have the time to properly invest in that, but I'll still try to WvW as much as I can. Also pretty excited about how missions will work now...I like the idea of having a portal type thing right in the guild hall to transport us there. :D
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