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General PvP Tips

As soon as someone, anyone, enters down state, the fight shifts to a new phase. What a lot of players still do not understand at the moment, is that Downed State is one of the most important mechanics in Guild Wars 2. Stomping and Reviving is by far more important than bursting someone down. Let's take a look at the different scenarios you can face.

The Stomp
An Enemy is downed! Your goal is to stomp him. The easiest way to do it is to prevent interrupts/crowd control mechanics other professions have from being used on you. Stability is a very common tool used in order to make a successful stomp. Some professions can also give team-mates stability. Keep in mind that you can dodge the crowd control from downed players. They usually have a long cast time, except for the Ranger's and the Guardian's which you need to anticipate. However when stomping be aware that it will leave you weak to damage. In this case blind, evade, and invulnerability can be very useful.

Use evade, invulnerability, or stability to make sure you get a stomp off. There are some skills that allow you to use such abilities in the middle of stomping such as the Elementalist's Mist Form, Mesmer's Distortion, and the Engineer's Elixir S. Blinding the downed target or another opponent attempting to interrupt your stomp will also lead to a successful stomp. Stealth can also be an effective method of stomping but, keep in mind that you can be still be interrupted if such a skill is used in your direction. Also, using quickness can allow you stomp downed targets before their interrupt skill is charged.

If you know that for some reason you will not be able to stomp the enemy during a team fight, keep damaging him and poison him so that the people who might try to revive him need more time to do so. It will be extremely helpful for your team-mates who are trying to stomp him before he gets revived.

If you know that no one will be able to stomp the downed enemy before he gets revived, deal as much damage as possible to the player who's reviving him or if it happens when you just lost a team fight, run away. Do not get the enemy's team score any higher than necessary. Do not engage lost fights.

Another thing to keep in mind when stomping is a downed player who is just outside a capture point. In this situation it is generally best to damage the target down from range while capturing the point at the same time.

Breaking down effective strategies for Stomping on the first attempt (assuming no other hostile players in vicinity)

A) Classes with a single-target interrupt
  • Necros
  • Warriors
  • Engineers

B) Classes with an AOE interrupt
  • Rangers
  • Guardians

C) Classes with a teleport
  • Thieves
  • Mesmers

D) Free stomp
  • Elementalists

If we ignore category D completely, as they are an easy free stomp, we can focus on handling categories A, B, and C. Initially we want to focus on how to handle a single downed player with no other hostile players in the vicinity. Until we understand how to handle a lone downed player, we cannot effectively plan for big fights which demand different stomping strategies depending on the situation.

Category A
  • 2 players simultaneously attempt to stomp (only 1 can be interrupted by the downed player)
  • Blind the downed player before attempting to stomp
  • Have aegis while stomping
  • Be invisible while stomping
  • Be invulnerable while stomping
  • Be evading while stomping
  • Be immune to stuns while stomping (Stability)
  • Teleport in and out of a mesmer portal while stomping
  • [Stomp quickly with haste] very effective, but not full proof

Category B
  • Have aegis while stomping
  • Be invulnerable while stomping
  • Be evading while stomping
  • Be immune to stuns while stomping (Stability)
  • Teleport in and out of a mesmer portal while stomping
  • Be invisible while stomping] This will only work if the downed player does not anticipate you stomping them
  • [Stomp quickly with haste] very effective, but not full proof

Category C
  • [Be invisible while stomping] downed players may anticipate your stomp and teleport, but you can also wait for them to do so while invis
  • [Stomp quickly with haste] very effective, but not full proof

As you can see, there are far more ways to get off a quick stomp on classes in category A, than there are for Category C. You may also notice that, while not being 100% fool-proof, invisibility and haste are two of the most effective ways to get a quick stomp off. On the other hand, whilst being completely ineffective against a lone Thief or Mesmer, stability and invulnerability are GUARANTEED to get a quick stomp on categories A and B.

From the above we can take away a few important conclusions:

1) If you have access to stability, or invulnerability you are to GUARANTEED a quick stomp against most of the classes in the game. Furthermore, this remains true in group fights.

2) If you have access to haste, you have a very good chance to quickly stomp any class, even the elusive classes in category C.

3) If you have access to invisibility, you are arguably the best person to attempt a quick stomp on Category C.

Stomp Timing
Re-spawn when defeated (stomped) occurs on timed wave intervals. Meaning everyone who is downed will re-spawn at these set times. Each minute there are 3 waves that are 20 seconds apart and you can keep track of this by watching the clock for these very important times (:58, :38, and :18) You want to make sure when stomping an opponent that it lands right after the interval to ensure the longest possible resurrect time. This is not something you want to wait long for during a team fight as the most important aspect is to get a player defeated so you can wipe the rest of their team. However, doing this once you have all the enemies in the area downed is a great strategy to allow your team to more time to fight with numbers, hold, or capture points without contest.

A Team-mate is downed! Your goal is to rally him. You can do it by stomping an enemy before your team-mate is stomped or by reviving him directly. Do the safest thing. If you might get interrupted while stomping your opponent and not while reviving your ally, go for the second option. If it's the other way around, go and stomp your opponent.

Use interrupts such as Daze, Fear, Knockdown, Knockback, and Stun or skills that change a targets form such as Moa to prevent a player from temporarily stomping allowing you time to revive your teammate. Also bursting down a player to prevent a stomp can be effective as they are typically defenseless and generally cannot use their skills in the middle of a stomp.

If you are downed, avoid enemy stomps as long as possible to give your teammates time to revive you. A good combo is to have your teammate revive you while you interrupt the stomp with your downed skill. Although, if you are in a lost fight keep in mind the re-spawn timer.. sometimes it is best to let an opponent stomp so you can get a fast re-spawn rather than delay the inevitable if you are going to end up stomped eventually anyways.