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Eye of the North owners of the first Guild Wars are able to access a place called the Hall of Monuments. The Hall of Monuments houses all the achievements, mini pets, rare weapons and unique armor sets that the player has collectors across all their characters. Based on the amount of total amount of these things collected, players can earn special unlocks Guild Wars 2.

Visit to see where you stand and for more information on the avaliable rewards in Guild Wars 2. Want to see a maxed out HoM? Check out Knights Templar Elder Romulus of Ascalon (Moo Moo)'s Hall as he has rightfully earned the in-game title Champion of the Gods!

Here are two great guides to attaining points for the Hall of Momuments:
Guild Wars Wiki - HoM Guide
Guild Wars 2 Guru - HoM Guide

You can also find others in the community working to upgrade their Hall of Monuments on our forums:

Claiming your Hall of Monuments Rewards
Link your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts.

If all that is in order, every character you create on your Guild Wars 2 account automatically will receive a special in-game item: the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone.

Simply activate the Portal Stone to transport yourself to the Eye of the North. Once there, speak with our old friend Kimmes the Historian (in his newer, slightly less-corporeal state) and he’ll show you a list of Hall of Monument reward items you have unlocked. You can select any of the items, at any time, for any character you make on your account.

Use the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone again to transport yourself (and your rewards) back to your former location.