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The universe in which Guild Wars 2 takes place is rich with with story, characters, events and other lore. This was started with the first game of the series, and more has been added through updates, stories from the websites, books, and everything from the second game as well.

Introduction Materials
Pondering Tyria Part 1 - Intro to the world

World Map

World map with locations in the world we know of. Source.

Guild Wars Prophecies
Pondering Tyria Part 2 - First half of Guild Wars 1 Prophecies storline
Pondering Tyria Part 3 - Heroes that travel with you

Guild Wars Factions
<intro materials>

Guild Wars Nightfall
<intro materials>

Guild Wars Eye of the North

Guild Wars 2
<intro material>

A Guild Wars 2 map with all the Guild Wars points of interest for a comparison of where the "old stuff" would be located now.



Guild Wars 2 Mysteries
A series by Wooden Potatoes that walks through a number of mysteries - pieces of lore that are not fully explained but seemed to be linked together.

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