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(Feb 16, 2018)
Apparently you shouldnt break the "dont attack a player, and dont attack children" rules at the same time...
(Feb 12, 2018)
Funny you mention that, they did...
(Feb 12, 2018)
it was bound to happen eventually. i hope the gods will have something to say to them about it.
(Feb 12, 2018)
Well, we got to session 3 before someone in the party executed a child.
(Feb 01, 2018)
(Feb 01, 2018)
I did roll consecutive critical hits to knock a sword out of toro's hand because he is playing a chucky doll of a kid
(Jan 30, 2018)
(Jan 30, 2018)
one whole session and not a single burned child.
(Jan 28, 2018)
Evil swords, burnt bandits, frazzled bears, and skinned dogs! The journey begins!
(Jan 06, 2018)
Happy Birthday, KT!
(Dec 27, 2017)
happy day
(Dec 15, 2017)
Happy Birthday Hoshi!
(Dec 03, 2017)
link below a couple lines! vvv
(Dec 03, 2017)
Don't forget to enter the GW2 Efficiancy raffle DAILY!
(Dec 02, 2017)
Oh, cool! *bookmarks*
(Dec 01, 2017)
Don't forget to enter the GW2 Efficiency Lottery every day, and scroll down to enter the big raffle!
(Nov 25, 2017)
Go go Toro!
(Nov 24, 2017)
*Dice rolling intensifies*
(Nov 21, 2017)
Another new trailer! Lew Living World Season starts next Tuesday!