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(Dec 03, 2017)
link below a couple lines! vvv
(Dec 03, 2017)
Don't forget to enter the GW2 Efficiancy raffle DAILY!
(Dec 02, 2017)
Oh, cool! *bookmarks*
(Dec 01, 2017)
Don't forget to enter the GW2 Efficiency Lottery every day, and scroll down to enter the big raffle!
(Nov 25, 2017)
Go go Toro!
(Nov 24, 2017)
*Dice rolling intensifies*
(Nov 21, 2017)
Another new trailer! Lew Living World Season starts next Tuesday!
(Nov 16, 2017)
Guess I need to get rolling on PoF.
(Nov 15, 2017)
new trailer!
(Nov 04, 2017)
Thanks for the candy corn everyone! :O
(Nov 02, 2017)
PSA: For all you fans of the Pathfinder ruleset, make sure you look into Humble Bundle's Extra Life packages - you can score a bunch of Pathfinder resources.
(Oct 24, 2017)
You da man, Canis.
(Oct 18, 2017)
btw it doesn't work for GW2 so disregard
(Oct 16, 2017)
"Guild Wars 2 showed the best results so far, going from 26.2GB all the way down to 4.1GB."
(Oct 09, 2017)
(Oct 09, 2017)
going to actually pull the tickets next sunday after missions, so if you signed up, check your messages for a link to the spreadsheet. thanks!