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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 18, 2017)
I'll be returning to lead missions this Sunday!
(Aug 17, 2017)
Yeh I got 2 minis I already had unlocked. womp, womp
(Aug 17, 2017)
I loved it, of course. Sadly, the gift didn't give me nostalgia for it. Stupid RNG...
(Aug 17, 2017)
I mean it was for Season 1 Legacy items - who didn't love Season 1?!?!
(Aug 17, 2017)
hatred? thats pretty harsh! :P
(Aug 16, 2017)
nnnoooooo.... my hatred for ANet will survive!!!! *logs in*
(Aug 16, 2017)
Free gem store item today FYI
(Aug 14, 2017)
Hey folks! KT WvW night this Thursday at 7:30 PM!
(Aug 13, 2017)
(Aug 12, 2017)
I'll be back in Chicago by this time next week folks! Thanks for your well wishes while I've been through this tough experience. Love you all!
(Aug 05, 2017)
Legendary armor and gliding in WvW. Yahooooooo!!
(Aug 04, 2017)
Gliding Beta coming in WvW!
(Aug 03, 2017)
Weaver looks pretty exciting
(Aug 03, 2017)
Spellbreaker for me I think.
(Aug 02, 2017)
Mirage, then Deadeye
(Aug 02, 2017)
Deadeye because I just like thief. Weaver because it seems like it could be unique playstyle.
(Aug 02, 2017)
Deadeye and Weaver at the two I am most excited about.
(Aug 02, 2017)
So which new elite spec did people find most interesting?
(Aug 01, 2017)
Demo is Aug 11 to the 13th