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(May 30, 2017)
I'd be down for WvWing. An upcoming reset night would be fun.
(May 29, 2017)
Would anyone be interested in a WvW night soon? I know a lot of us don't play as much but it would fun to get 10~ people online to WvW with!
(May 29, 2017) THATS why they've been getting rid of the confederate statues. now it all makes sense.
(May 29, 2017)
I think it's the one day per year that all the memorial statues they put up come to life. Kind of like Toy Story, but creepier.
(May 29, 2017)
Damn, Loren. You win. ;)
(May 28, 2017)
....Whats memorial day? :P
(May 28, 2017)
...also, i missed it to work a burlesque show. My memorial day beats your memorial day.
(May 28, 2017)
Yeah memorial day, figured it might be slow anyway
(May 28, 2017)
Missions successfully complete with only 5 people :)
(May 27, 2017)
(May 26, 2017)
Got scheduled for work this Sunday, won't be around for missions. Looks like a straightforward set of missions though!
(May 24, 2017)
Pretty amazing ark work!
(May 21, 2017)
More Burning Children!?
(May 20, 2017)
"because he lost his teddy bear"
(May 20, 2017)
"There are real burning children this time!"
(May 20, 2017)
Apparently, Shoutbox didn't like what I had to say about the article. lol